Hannah M Manske // designerHMM



Hannah Manske is an artist that works with digital media and traditional mixed media. Their artwork focuses on universal themes of sexuality, social activism, and self discovery. Bold colors, experimental typography, and abstraction are staples of their artwork that also act as an aid to the themes they like to explore.

Throughout the years, their artwork has been featured in art blogs and exhibitions. Also, they run a quarterly art show, that features emerging 2D artists. They will be graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art with a concentration in Digital Media an a minor in Theatre from Tennessee Technological University in 2021.


Artist Statement

“I am an artist that focuses on primarily digital art and repurposed materials. My high school English teacher, Carolyn Hawkins, once told me, “good writers only write what they know.” Her words have molded they way I approach making art; therefore, when I make art I focus on my experiences and feelings because those are the only things I know.”

- Hannah M Manske // designerHMM