Rabbit Hole Brand Design

Rabbit Hole is an up and coming non-profit company that is dedicated to helping trans-men and non-binary men pay for top surgery, and counseling. The concept for this brand was that we didn’t want to make it obvious by the logo what the brand is about. The whole point of this brand is to make it a discussion and talking point.

The symbolism behind Rabbit Hole, is those negative thoughts that are hard to control when experiencing gender dysphoria. I created profiles of two heads, but of the same person. The left head hole is white, which represents positive thoughts; the right black hole head represents negative thoughts. The rabbit is jumping from positive to negative because experiencing gender dysphoria can quickly escalate, just like falling down a rabbit hole. I used black and white and grey to make this brand modern, to avoid gender association.

rabbit hole logo design.6 copy.jpg
rabbit hole black logo.png
rabbit holeFINAL.jpg

Bowling World Brand Design

Bowling World is a bowling alley that has resided in Cookeville, Tennessee since 1970. Currently, Bowling World doesn’t have a brand identity. Even though it is an amazing facility, there was no consistency in design. I rebranded Bowling World to give uniformity and a fresh new look.

Bowling World’s target audience is a wide variety from semi-professional bowlers, to families, to hobbyists. Given the large audience, I made a brand that can be neutral and modern and fun to accommodate everyone.

poster bw1.5.jpg
Branding Identity MockUp Vol6 - bowling world.jpg
bowling world finished.5 copy.jpg

International Traffic Record Forum / 45th ATSIP Conference

The International Traffic Record Forum is an annual conference that is held in Austin, Texas.

The client wanted to their brand to highlight Austin’s famous bat bridge. Because this is a professional event, I wanted this brand to still be simple, bold, and modern. I went for a flat vector look, that can look great, if it was embroidered on hats or polos.

Hannah Manske - texas logo color copy.jpg
Hannah Manske - texas logo black and white copy.jpg
hannah manske - austin texas - 45th atsip conference - international traffic record forum.jpg